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/Industrial robotics, ideal for packaging processes

In INNOVA MACHINERY we are aware of technological progress and patent interest in the industrial sectors, to progress in their automation processes through the application of industrial robots on its production lines.

Due to the fall in the price of robots, the increase in labor cost and continuous technological improvement, from INNOVA, we complement our end of line systems through robotics in the workplace. Enhancing the quality, power, strength, endurance, accuracy, repeatability and flexibility always guaranteed higher economic efficiency.

Professionals in the packaging industry, including INNOVA MAQUINARIA, came last June 24 at the “Industrial Robotics” Workshop presented at Valencia FEDEMCO.

At the event the basics of robot manipulators and their industrial applications are introduced, emphasizing their potential for use in the packaging sector.

The anthropomorphic robot stood out as the most used in handling parts and palletizing at the end of line, given its strength and scope of processes.

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