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Shrink Hood System Shrink Hood System

Automatic packaging system of palletized loads that uses a heat source and shrink hood film. It uses a plastic coil that is automatically cut and sealed, taking into account the pallet measure. After creating the hood, it is placed over the pallet shape for its later shrink process of 280 ᵒC. The hood is completely sealed, waterproof and protected against external agents.

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Technical Specifications:

Plastic thickness: 120-150 micron
Pallet measures: 1.200 x 1.200 mm
Height of the load: 2.500 mm
Transportation level: 600
Pressure level: 6 bares
Gas connection: 350.000 Kcal
Productive capacity: 60 pallets/hour
Electrical connection: 380W - 50Hz


  • It is designed for its storage in outdoors under any atmospheric condition
  • Recyclable and safe film for the environment
  • Automatic detection of the load length through an ultra-sound sensor
  • Automatic stack and de-stack of the pallets from the packaging line.
  • Line traceability connected with intelligent warehouses
  • Automatic labelling
  • Production control and link with the procurement management program
  •  Optimum protection of the product against external factors such as dirt, water, etc.…
  •  It is possible to add the corporative image in the extensible film
  •  Fastening strength on the pallet: vertical and horizontal.
  • The products are visually attractive due to the hood transparency
  • It does not leave rests of plastic hanging on the pallet


  • Stability and fastening of the load through horizontal and vertical fastening strength
  • Load tightness due to the product is completely sealed to the pallet
  • It is possible to add the corporative image in the extensible film


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