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The constant improvements in matters of technology and ecology make that in INNOVA MAQUINARIA we adapt our equipments to the new regulations and requests of the market in order to optimize and modernize our end-of-line systems.

Therefore, our I+D department is in continuous renovation, providing new benefits and technologies to our equipments.


In INNOVA MAQUINARIA we believe that well-qualified plant operators help to reach an optimum productivity of your equipment.

Therefore, we offer training programmes, which are adapted to each customer, in order to develop your skills and make the most output of our technology and equipments.

At the moment of our equipment assembly, the personnel of INNOVA MAQUINARIA will proceed to demonstrate its operation.


Taking into account our customer specifications, and in order to meet their necessities, in INNOVA MAQUINARIA we offer a complete service of equipment reconditioning that includes from the substitution of equipment until the complete reconditioning of the existent equipments.

We provide better conditions for the renovation of your old machines in change for INNOVA MAQUINARIA cutting-edge equipments.

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